The emotional online-world

Excitement, Trust, Desire.

"Who doesn’t know any better, handles it through the price" this is how an old marketing slogan goes. Clearly, there will always be a supplier on the Internet that will sell your product cheaper. But does this way lead to success?

Certainly not on the long run. When looking at the major online retailers such as Amazon, Zalando or, it shows that these not just stand for cheap prices. For online shoppers issues such as offering variety, convenience, and trust as well as shopping experience are of great importance.

This is especially true for specialty-suppliers who do not bond their customers through the price, but rather the shopping experience.  Buying online from specialty supplier Runners Point or Globetrotter always comes with a foretaste of what a product-experience the customer awaits.
Those who buy wine online will notice that some suppliers provide the feeling of choosing the product directly on the vineyard or wine cellar.