Rethink your brand

Dynamic starts in your head

Do you know the most successful promotional film ever? It has started in February 2014, has generated 270 Mio. Euro within two months and it is called “The Lego Movie”.
Similar to Apple, Lego was about to fold ten years ago. Since then, a new dynamic has been started and the brand has been thought over. Certainly the Lego Movie was only one part of this new way of thinking.



The premium car manufacturer AUDI also constantly put the brand new perspectives. AUDI introduced a pioneering showroom in a top-quality location of London, where almost everything is virtually presented and only a few cars are shown for real. Interested persons are able to playfully visualize the whole product range on space-filling screens, whereas the space requirement for this premium showroom in top quality location is less than one third of a usual showroom.